Maklaks Loop

March 9, 2002

Just once it would be nice to know that there is going to be a proper amount of good snow for a ski trip instead of calling each day several days before the trip and hearing of “no snow” or “wet snow”, etc. Ahhh well! As it turned out, after hearing this type of report, followed by two days of several inches of snow, we went with the Maklaks plan rather than wade through 2 feet of snow at Ray Benson. It was a good decision. The snow was great for skiing, the trees were still heavily laden from the last storm. The trip up the mountain to the lunch site was beautiful and the run back out after lunch was great fun. Thanks to Bob Huntley for helping with the driving and to Clare Tucker for acting as “Sweep”. Non-members were SanNam Khalsa, Rick Wilmath and Carrie Kruskopf. Members were Bob Huntley, Clare Tucker, Charlie Van Dusen and ¿leader?, Sharon Ritchie.

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