Midnight Lake (crosscountry)

March 2, 2002

On a gorgeous, sunny day eleven of us took on the challenge of off-trail snowshoeing. Our six (is that all?) mile course was roughly a parallelogram from Gold Lake Sno-Park to Bechtel Shelter to Midnight Lake, to near Eagle Rock, then up and over Westview Butte back to the snow park. You have no idea how many ridges and trees the trails manage to avoid! We tackled them head on. Our course was sometimes difficult, always exhilarating and what a sense accomplishment!

Many thanks to our excellent navigator, John Agnew, who set the course and hit all the coordinates dead on. Special thanks to Dave Becker and Jim Whitfield for their assistance and to Dick Hildreth and Marilyn Kerins for driving.

Some of us ended the day with a delicious Mexican dinner in Oakridge — we had worked up hearty appetites.

Our adventuresome group included two non-members, Ann-Marie Askew (her third qualifying hike) and Nora Nicolaidas, and nine members — John Agnew, Dave Becker, Barbara Bruns, Dick Hildreth, John Hudson, Marilyn Kerins, Patty McAfee, Jim Whitfield and leader Effie Neth usually disguised as sweep.

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