Gold Lake & Marilyn Lakes

February 24, 2002

We started out heading for Maklaks Loop then discovered, after just minutes on the snow/ice, that we were not ambitious enough to risk our lives on a lousy trail. So we packed my car back up and headed for Gold Lake where we'd seen a tiny bit of new snow. We slid into Gold Lake, circumvented the lake a while then discussed how we each would like to get back to the car. Knowing what the Gold Lake trail was like, no one wanted to traverse it again. So — three took the Waldo Road out and had a great downhill run, while Bob and I took the more adventurous route via Marilyn Lakes. Bob was able to learn and practice a variety of new ways to travel and fall on icy snow. He is surely a better skier for having survived this part of the trip with nothing broken except his pride. It was a beautiful day and we were all glad we went skiing today, even Bob. Skiers were Paul Jasheway, Beth Frye, Bob Huntley, Janet Hall, and Diane Jeffcott (leader).

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