Trestle Creek Falls

Febuary 20, 2002

Only one member made the mistake of going to the SEHS parking-lot, instead of the usual mid-week rendevous location at 28th & Hilyard, but he made his own way to the trailhead, connecting with the rest of the group there. Some snow remained along the Brice Creek road and on north-facing hills, but less than when I had scouted out the trail a week and a half earlier. We proceeded in a clock-wise fashion around the loop, as this gives the best presentation of the Falls, saving the Upper Trestle Creek Falls, the climax, for the last. The only flowers in bloom at this time were snow-queen, but iris leaves were observed — spring is on the way! Both Lower & Upper Falls put on a good show, with plenty of water dripping around the edges of the upper in spite of the rain holding off! All were able to overcome the two obstacles — a mass of dirt from the root-balls of fallen trees on the trail to the Lower falls, and two downed trees across the east leg of the loop trail. Hikers risking wet hair beneath the falls were non-members Ann-Marie Askew, Barbara Nelson, Kathy Hoeg, Diane Kurz, and Georg Jaschek, and Obsidians Max Brown, Dan Christensen, Michelle Tambellini, and Wayne Deeter (perpetrator).

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