75th Anniversary of the First Obsidian Winter Outing At Mt. Hood, Oregon

February 13-15, 2002

My most sincere thanks to all of you who helped to make the 75th anniversary of the very first winter outing at Mt. Hood such a great success. Some of you would better recognize this trip as the “Third Annual Mazama Lodge, Mt. Hood” trip. We had 45 participants this year, plus three dinner guests on Thursday night.

The weather was incredible. We had three days of warm sunshine, deep blue skies, and marvelous views. There was an abundance of snow although it had not snowed for three days. The cross-country trails ranged from “perfect” to “marginal”, but not icy! This year the down hillers were out in full force, as were the snowshoers. Someone told me that we “owned the mountain”. Probably a slight exaggeration, but understandable. Jan Jacobsen said a large group of Obsidians ventured to the top of the highest lift at Mt. Hood Meadows on Thursday. Apparently the wind was blowing so strongly, it had swept off the snow, leaving ice to navigate on the downhill run. I am sooooo glad I wasn’t with them. Of course, my biggest hurdle would be getting into the chairlift! (Coward that I am.)

The first day after settling in, people scattered to different destinations. Three of our group decided to ski up the West Leg Road to Timberline Lodge (10 miles round trip). Apparently the views were so spectacular they hung out until 4:30 and got the “pleasure” of skiing part of the way back to the lodge in the dark.

The evening “socials” were great, with people sitting around getting acquainted and discussing what they were going to do the following day. On Thursday evening Kevin McManigal and his children, Kelly age 4 and Daniel age 8 months, joined us for dinner after spending the afternoon at Trillium Lake. Kevin said he forgot that the trail from the road to the lodge was so long (he was carrying Daniel and a stroller). After dinner the Jacobsens helped them back down to the car for the return trip to Lake Oswego. Now there is a dedicated Obsidian!

It was great fun, with lots of laughter and good conversation and great adventures. Again, my thanks to all of you who shared in this adventure. Oh yes, mark your calendars…next year it will be February 5-7! Second “Oh Yes”: the private rooms are again gone. If you want to be on a wait list, please let me know.

Those attending were: Non-members: Julia Munkvold, P. J. Neis, Nora Nicolaidis, and Debra Schwartz. Members: Marriner Orum, Virginia Prouty, Chuck & Sandy Reul, Chris Stockdale, Jan True, Clare Tucker, Birgitte Williams, David Roderick, Barb Schomaker, Nola Woodbury, John Agnew, Rick Ahrens, Barb Bruns, Wayne Deeter, Leona Devine, Jim & Sharon Duncan, Kitson & Peter Graham, Sylvia Harvey, John Hudson, Jan & John Jacobsen, Rob Kappa, Marilyn Kerins, Beth & Ken Kodama, Dot Leland, Ed Lichtenstein, Norma Lockyear, Peggy Lee Mathes, Chuck Mitchell, Kevin, Kelly and Daniel McManigal, Anne Montgomery, Beki & Bill Montgomery, Royal & Marilyn Murdock, Jon Tressler, Joanne Whitfield, and the questionable leader: Sharon Ritchie.

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