Square Lake

February 2, 2002

Left the snow play area on the north side of Santiam Pass about 10:15 AM. Skied to the Pacific Crest Trail and up the trail to the approximate location of the Square Lake trail cutoff. Could not find the trail sign (probably buried). We got off in the direction that the trail went and took turns breaking trail in deep fresh snow (about 16" of fresh powder.) After 2 hours and maybe 1½ miles of travel we stopped for lunch. We felt we were on the right route to get to the lake, but our energy was leaving us and we still had some distance to break trail in, so the leader decided to turn back and head for the cars. Arrived back at the parking area at 2 PM and headed back to Eugene. This group included Wayne Deeter, Sandra Larsen, Keith Christensen, Bob Huntley, Patty MacAffee, and leader Bill Johnson, and non member David German.

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