Stag Lake

January 26, 2002

This trip was intended to be a repeat of the Redtop Mountain loop but the two feet of recently fallen snow made a loop seem impractical. We decided instead to make an attempt to get up Lakeview Mountain instead. The weather forecast was for continued snow and evidently this caused several skiers to bail out the night before. Down to a group of four made for some challenging trail breaking for our stouthearted party. We headed into Fawn Lake hoping that perhaps a recent trail had been broken. No such luck though. But completely unexpected was outstandingly clear weather. Basking in bright sun for most of the day, we broke a fresh trail into Fawn Lake and then headed up to Stag Lake where we had clear views of Lakeview and Redtop Mountain.

Of course the intent of the trip was to get some elevation for a downhill run. The trailbreaking had slowed us down enough that an ascent of Lakeview didn’t seem likely so our group turned around after reaching Stag Lake. Fortunately we had a very nice, steep, powder covered downhill run between Stag and Fawn Lake allowing everyone to crank out some good turns. The five or so miles out went very fast in our earlier tracks and we exited in a little over an hour and a half. The skiers in this group were Steve Goins (leader), John Hegg, Mark Slipp and nonmember Emily Miazga ( special thanks for extraordinary trailbreaking!)

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