Shelter Cove

January 23-25, 2002

When I asked the group what to say about the Shelter Cove trip the answer was SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, good food and a great group. It was simply outstanding, a very special treat! The pre-report was : “This is the finest snow you will ever experience, so come on up!” Shelter Cove reported 5 feet in 3 days. And it was magnificent!

Our resident wolf “Loner”, whom we have followed as a mere shadow 3-4 years ago and have rarely seen, or hardly believed, is now a magnificent, gracious animal in thick winter fur and trusting many of the two legged visitors at a majestic distance. He seemed to recognize us, and even permitted to be petted, yes even licked my hand, a real joyful experience. He took Chris on a solitary ski-trip, leading the way, which Chris calls a spiritual experience. When Chris had to pee, she squatted as we women do, as “Loner” observed from a distance before adding his own scent, making a neat, yellow mark for all others to observe.

Shelter Cove is expanding in elegant style. Next years reservations is in for the new lodge called “Toketee,” a spacious 2 bath unit for 10, overlooking Odell Lake from the 2nd floor. It’s just beautiful, and so close to Eugene. How lucky can we be?

Our solitary male (Charlie Van Deusen) managed very well. The women were Leona Devine, P. J. Neis, Chris Shuraleff, Clare Tucker and Birgitte B. Williams (leader).

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