Westview Loop, Eagle Rock Overlook, Bechtel Shelter

January 12, 2002

Our January 12 snowshoe trip to Westview Loop, Eagle Rock Overlook, Bechtel Shelter was a great success. Fifteen of us climbed into four cars and headed up for a fun day in the snow. We left a little after 8:00 am and traveled on Hwy. 58 through Oakridge to Gold Lake Snow Park. The roads couldn’t have been better and the snow conditions were, also, very good! We snowshoed on the Gold Lake Road to Westview Trail, climbed past Westview Shelter, climbed again and continued along the loop. We then stopped at the Eagle Rock Overlook for a fantastic view of Odell Lake. Some of us brought cameras and took pictures. We were making very fast time (it was only 11:00 and too early for lunch). We decided to continue down the PCT Trail and see how people felt about going on to Bechtel Shelter for lunch. At the crossroads, it was a unanimous decision to go on to Bechtel Shelter. Unfortunately, on our way to Bechtel Shelter a couple of people had blisters on their heels and decided to turn back for the Gold Lake Warming Hut rather than go on. The Bechtel Shelter was a welcome sight and we were all ready to eat our lunch! We made good time back to the cars. At the parking lot all of us were ready for Espressos and Hot Cocoa at McGilloucudy’s in Oakridge! Those who went were John Agnew, Barbara Bruns, Daniele Delaby, Sharon Duncan, Yuan Hopkins, Marilyn Kerins, Sharon Ritchie, Jan True; and non-members: Lori Brown, Barbara Leinweber, Beth Kodama, Ken Kodoma, Russ Roberts; (Leader) Michelle Tambellini, (Co-Leader) Effie Neth.

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