Gold & Marilyn Lakes

January 5, 2002

Nine skiers and one snowshoer [Scott] piled into three vehicles and left Eugene at 9am for the Gold Lake snowpark. We were on the trail shortly after eleven. There was light overcast and the snow was uneven but rarely icy. We skied down the road to the Gold lake shelter, took a look at the lake and then lunched at the shelter. The return was by way of the Marilyn lakes trail which runs through the woods. This was more challenging [rated “more difficult”] but more enjoyable as it afforded views of the two Marilyn lakes and some nice woods. Our one snowshoer kept up with us nicely, especially in the woods. We were back to the cars before three and back to Eugene before dark. Enjoying the trip were nonmembers: Beth and Ken Kodama, Susan Rose, and Scott Thames; and members Carol Petty, Sharon Ritchie, Helen Liguori, Marriner Orum, Norma Lockyear, and Ed Lichtenstein [leader].

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