November 24, 2002

This was the last trip of the “summer trips season.” Fifteen of us showed up at Gold’s Gym at Green Acres and Delta Highway to hike with Virginia along the River. For many of us, this was first time we had hiked in this area. We were able to hike the new section to Valley River Center where some used the restroom stop for an espresso break. Over the bridge and up Clinton Street brought us to the top of the Gillespie Butte. We roamed through the old Gillespie cemetery that included names like Armitage, Gillespie, Goodpasture, Van Dyne. This was one of the most interesting parts of the trip. Since the other two old cemeteries, Pioneer and the Masonic, are on the other side of the river, how did people get to this one? Virginia told us that that was how Ferry Street Bridge got its name. That is where the ferry used to be. We hiked back down Clinton to Cal Young, Fir Acres, and through the Delta Ponds to Goodpasture Road. We then crossed over the highway to the bike path. At this point, Virginia dodged in and out of streets to get us back to our cars. We are not sure we could repeat this trip on our own. All of us hope Virginia will lead it again. It was a great way to explore Eugene on a quiet Sunday morning. The trip took 3 hours and it didn’t rain. Thanks so much, Virginia.

Hikers were John Agnew, Ann-Marie Askew, Gayle Berg, Mary Beth Bonte, Donna Bruyer, Jim Duncan, Gisell Garrity, Janet Jacobsen, Bill Laughlin, Mary Ellen Laughlin, Sharon Ritchie, Ruth Romoser, Bill Simington, Margaret Wilkenleld, and Virigina Prouty, leader. — Jan Jacobsen

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