Vivian Lake & Five Waterfalls

October 6, 2002

Due to dire warnings of snow (and Janet Jacobsen’s imploring me to change plans,) the destination to Fawn Lake was changed to Vivian Lake — all hikers agreed that it’d be a nicer hike with less driving involved. (By now we knew there was no snow.) After a quick glance at Salt Creek Falls we began the uphill hike stopping at Diamond Creek Falls and all the other view points along the way. Once at the lake we ate lunch — three pb&j sandwiches, one tuna, one smoked meat, one ratatouille & one chicken/egg. After lunch, we meandered half way around the lake, then four hikers waded across the lake — it was shallow enough for those brave enough to zip off their pant legs, or hike up their jeans and venture across. We even saw a tiny green frog at the lake. It was a warm sunny day and we all had fun! Hikers were Sabine Dutoit (wearing clothes to scare away any hunter), Fred Felter (with GPS), Glenn & Deb Hoernig (not Obsidians yet, but a great couple), Jerry Walton (1st trip, but will be back!), Janet Hall and leader Diane Jeffcott (teachers taking a break).

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