Marion Mountain

October 6, 2002

Instead of counting miles from the Santiam Junction to the road to the trailhead, just drive east to Marion Forks Restaurant. Marion Creek Road (#2255) is directly across the highway from the restaurant. The trailhead and parking is at 5.6 miles, not 5.4. There is a large parking area at 5.4, which appears to be for horse trailers, etc.

After several days of rain, fog and drizzle, Sunday was a glorious fall day. The trail in was beautiful as was Marion Lake. The vine maple was a riot of reds, pinks and golds. We went through the recent burn area close to the top of the mountain. You could still smell the smoke. The view at the top was fantastic with Marion Lake laid out below us and Mt. Jefferson so near with Mt. Hood peaking over its shoulder. To the south was Three-Fingered Jack, again very close. After lunch we had a fast walk back down the trail to the trailhead. This is where things went wrong. A hiker had taken a wrong turn at the top of the mountain. Discovering the error, this person turned and got back to the trailhead several hours after everyone else, very tired, but otherwise just fine. Reflecting on what went wrong, I think the best solution is for groups to stay closer together and “meet up” to count heads periodically. My thanks to Jane and Anne for driving and to everyone for sharing the day with me. Members were: Dan Bates, Jane Hackett, John Hudson, Betty Macy, Anne Dhu McLucas, Royal Murdock, Effie Neth, Kristin Peterson, Chris Stockdale, and Richard Sundt. Guest: Craig Weinerman. Leader: Sharon Ritchie.

Group on Marion Mountain

Three Fingered Jack from Marion Lake

— photos by Chris Stockdale

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