Eight-Lake-Basin (exploratory)

October 5, 2002

Eight Lake Basin exploratory hike on October 5, 2002 turned out to be quite an adventure. What was thought to be a 14 mile loop and approximately 500 feet elevation gain (if you go up and then down, doesn't that cancel each out?) actually was closer to total gain of 2900 feet and 18 miles. The group agreed it was a very nice hike through the Jefferson Wilderness area. There were many lakes, thus the name, buttes and peaks in the surrounding area. There were various meadows that in early spring would be ablaze in color from many wildflowers. Our starting point was Camp Pioneer trailhead; we encountered snow on the ground in the higher elevations.

I was thankful for the strong and experienced hikers in the group. When our group became separated at an unanticipated junction, each group formulated a rescue plan. The plan was not needed, thanks to Ted Halfman and his son, Kevin who brought the others to the trailhead. This was only moments after the rest of us reached the cars, by then it was pitch black.

Yes, hunters and hikers are able to share the same woods.

Yes, most people are good, kind and reach out to help.

Yes, Obsidian members venture out well prepared.

Did this leader learn from this exploratory trip? Yes! Number 1 stay together as a group. 2. When planning an exploratory trip make sure the map is the most up to date version 3. Make sure the longer trips are when the days are the longest.

Thanks to a wonderful group of Obsidians! Wayne Deeter, Dick Hildreth, Peggy Lee Mathes, Doug McCarty, Pete Suttmeier and Gerry Roe (leader).

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