Santiam Lake/Berley Lake

October 4, 2002

Had calls of interest but no signups, and then calls of cancellation. I showed up at SEHS parking lot anyway and met Bill (christened Billy) Stormont who was keen to hike, gaiters, candy bars, new jacket and everything. We set out for Santiam Lodge parking lot, picked up day pass at “phil’s yes we have it”. We arrived to 2-3 inches of snow over unfrozen, soggy ground, had semi-lunch over Lower Berley Lake, blew off the upper lake because of the very low level of the lower lake. I couldn’t interest hiking mate in Maxwell, so we headed through wonderful flats north to Santiam Lake. After lunching in earnest at Santiam Lake (also low), we headed back to trailhead, saw faint outline of jack in east sky, further down trail a southbound chevron of Canada geese, and a pair of trail horses and riders looping back from PCNST. North slopes were all snowy. No hunters, only time I’ve ever been there in fall and not seen someone packing a rifle. Stormont knows Heiner, he’s a pro photographer who’s had Heiner in a workshop. Nice guy . . . —Pat Adams.

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