Matthieu Lakes

September 29, 2002

The original leader was Bob Huntley, who transferred the lead to Dan Bates due to an injury.

The weather forecast was bad, but we went anyway, hoping that the forecast was wrong as they so often are. It was not. We drove up in steady rain and hiked in rain, wind, and eventually snow. We saw no mountain views. We did, however, see a herd of deer (about 5 or 6 does) grazing on a near-by hillside. After a brief scramble to regroup they held their position and did not appear to be concerned about our curious stares. In fact, one of them stared curiously back at us and even began approaching us until she thought better of the idea.

At South Matthieu Lake we settled down for lunch in a sheltered position out of the wind. During lunch we began to notice snow flakes, which came and went but became ever more dense. After lunch we did not linger in the wind-blown snow but put on heavy clothes, packed up and headed out.

This trip was significant in that it marked John Cecil’s 300th Obsidian trip and entitled him to the 300 Trip Award.

In spite of the adverse weather a good time was had by all in this all-Obsidian trip. Cold hikers were Rick Ahrens, Max Brown, John Cecil, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Effie Neth, Sharon Ritchie, and Dan Bates, Substitute Leader.

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