Triangulation Peak & Boca Cave

September 28, 2002

One sign-up failed to show, so the 5 of us went in one car. It was a fine day for a hike, and the trail was in good condition (except for the descent to the cave, which is always a bit tougher to negotiate). Numerous huckleberries along the trail slowed our pace considerably for awhile, but we arrived soon after noon at the site of the old lookout on Triangulation Peak, where we had lunch. The leader’s first trip here was about 1951. Along with some friends he had gone in to visit another friend who was spending the summer as the lookout here. He had carried in a watermelon for the occasion. After eating, we went down the short distance to Boca (mouth) Cave, where one can find a beautiful view of Mt. Jefferson, neatly framed by the large entrance. After spending some time in the cave, we climbed back up to the main trail to return to the trailhead. But the lure of the huckleberries was too strong for a fast trip out. Bonnie dug out a plastic bag and we helped her collect enough to satisfy her needs at home for a time. Enjoying a beautiful day in the Cascades were Pam Clayworth, a non-member and members Jim Fritz, Bonnie Manheim, Barbara Sutherlin and Norm Benton, leader.

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