Erma Bell/Williams’ Lakes Loop

September 25, 2002

It’s always a woodsy renewal of the spirit to take the Erma Bell/Williams’ Lake Loop Trail in the fall. The air’s a little crisp, the sun’s not so direct, and the creatures are out in Otter Lake, the last of five lakes to visit on this supposedly peaceful hike. Some in the group chose to get back to their cars and Snicker bars without a final sidestep, other more adventurous sorts decided to scout Otter lake for its namesake. Now if an otter swims with his head up and tail up at the same time (kind of an upside down backbend), without showing his body, we saw him, but I suspect we were witnessing a creature from the marshy depths who attempted to terrorize us with his persistent gaze and erratic paddling. Some say it was a salamander; others know the truth. All made it back to the cars. Enjoying the day’s hike and a little fun were Marshall Kandell, Bonnie Manheim, Ann-Marie Askew, Joe Neal, Sheila Ward, John Hudson, Sharon Thomas, Giselle Garrity, Elliot Aronin, Dick Hildreth, guests Bill Simington and Joy Smith and trip leaders Jim and Melody Clarkson.

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