Lakeview Mountain

September 8, 2002

Nine of us left the Fawn Lake Trailhead at Crescent Lake Campground at about 10:00. There were high clouds and the air was cool and crisp, which allowed us to hike the three miles to Fawn Lake in one hour. From Fawn Lake the trail goes on 2.25 up to Saddle Lake, but we turned at the Stag Lake Trail one mile ahead, and continued on .4 to Stag Lake.

From here Lakeview Mountain towers 1200 feet above the lake, with the summit just one mile away. The trail ends here, so we went cross-country up a very steep east-facing slope to the ridge between Lakeview Mountain and an unnamed peak to the south. We were at 6,600 ft, only 450 ft from the summit, so we scrambled to the summit, arriving at 1:30 to eat lunch. We could see lakes on all sides: Odell, Crescent, Summit, Diamond View, Fawn, Stag, and some that the map didn’t name. We also had a great view of Diamond Peak.

We started the descent at 2:00. When we got to the ridge we decided to follow it to the south, passing the unnamed peak to the right, and descending the south-facing slope that lead to Saddle Lake, where we found the trail that leads back to Fawn Lake. After traveling about 1.25 miles, we were back at the Stag Lake Trail Junction. From here this very strong and ambitious group wanted to go to Pretty Lake, so we headed cross-country, passing Fawn Lake on the west side to connect with the Pretty Lake trail to arrive at the lake by 4:00. After Steve, Mike, and Kristin went for a quick swim, we headed down the previously un-maintained trail that connects with the Fawn Lake trail about .5 from the cars. I am happy to report that the unmaintained Pretty Lake Trail has now been cleared of all wind-fallen trees and is very easy to follow. We returned to the cars by 5:30. This enthusiastic group of hikers was George Baitinger, Wayne Deeter, Mike DeLorenzo, Dick Hildreth, Janet Jacobsen, Ellen Johnson, Steve Johnson, Kristin Peterson, and Mark Slipp (leader).

Mike, Kristin, George, Wayne, Jan, Dick, Mark, Steve and Ellen

— photo by Wayne Deeter

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