Vivian Lake

September 7, 2002

Perfect cool fall day for hiking. Easy 1½ hour drive, with pit stop, from SEHS to trailhead at Salt Creek Falls. Leisurely but steady pace. With short side trip to Diamond Fall about three hour hike to Vivian Lake. Trail excellent. Some wildflowers, bunch berries, huckleberries and other unknown berries observed, eaten or tasted. Lunch at lake.

Fall mushroom beginning to fruit. Lots of Shrimp Mushrooms nibbled on by deer, a few Matsutaki in button form, two small Boletus Edulis (Porcini) noted. First time visitor hiker Mike DeLorenzo braved chilly waters of Vivian Lake to take a swim. A poll of participants rate this hike a ten due to overall scenic beauty, waterfalls, and closeness to Eugene. Hikers were Elliot Aronin, Mike DeLorenzo, Jim Fritz, Shirley Froyd, Ed Lichtenstein, Sig Otto, Sharon Ritchie, Sharon Thomas, Sue Wolling, Mel Zavodsky and leader Joe Neal.

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