McKenzie Pass to Big Lake (key pass)

August 24, 2002

We split into two groups, with two car-loads going to the Big Lake entry to the PCT and two car-loads going to the Old McKenzie Hwy entry. Miraculously, we met at the half-way point of this 13-mile segment, where we enjoyed lunch and swapped keys (oh, those wild Obsidians.) Then each group continued on to their respective terminuses. It was a gorgeous day with beautiful views of Mt. Washington, the Sisters, and the Belknap Craters. Hikers were: non-Obsidians Robert Carlson, Carol Anderson, Kristi Levy, Lyle Levy, Jacob Macauley, Suzanne Murray, Gib Smith (of Yakima) and Christine Watts; and Obsidians Bob Burnett, Wayne Deeter, Dick Hildreth, John Mowat, Ben Macauley, Sue Sullivan, and leader Buzz Blumm.

Both groups at the mid-point

Mt. Washington, from near Washington Ponds

Belknap Crater

North & Middle Sisters

South-bounders at the Little Belknap trail

Washington, Jack & Jeff from Little Belknap Crater

— photos by Wayne Deeter

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