Rosary Lakes

August 3, 2002

Thirteen people joined Chris Cunningham on Saturday, August 3, for a hike to Rosary Lakes: Ann-Marie Askew, Lois Bjerke, Max Brown, Cathy O’Kelley, Pete Peterson, Margaret Prentice, Bill Prentice, Tina Rain, Lucy Rayle, Bill Simington, Janice Suratt, and Sheila Ward. Luckily, the hike took place just before the heat wave that followed a few days later. Despite the blue skies and pleasant 70-degree weather, this gentle, well-traveled trail near Maiden Peak was almost vacant. Only a few campers and horseback riders were seen in the camping areas across from the three lakes. None of the hikers took a dip in any of the lakes, even though they were remarkably clear and inviting! The legendary Rosary Lakes mosquitoes kept a cooperative distance, for the most part. All in all, the hike was uneventful and pleasant.

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