Blue River Mining District

July 6, 2002

We left Eugene a little late (waited for no-shows) and added 2 more to our group at Blue River Reservoir, before starting up the hill on a winding narrow Mtn. road with winter storm damage to shoulders in places.

We started the tour at the site of the Cinderella mine where there is little to see of the tunnels, as they have been caved in. The area is covered with young alpine trees.

We next went to the Great Northern, following a marginal trail down the hill. The mine door has been torn off and the tunnel entrance was open. We visualized where all the old buildings and tramway would have been from a photo of the mine taken 97 years ago. The mine buildings burned in August, 1911, and started a forest fire.

Then we hiked down the road to the Odgers mine, Looking for quartz crystals along the road as we walked (we found a few). Ed Odgers cabin still stands 53 years after his and his wife’s tragic death in April 1949. The cabin was very well built of hand split shakes and peeled poles and had a kitchen with a small wood cook stove, a woodshed in middle of cabin, and a combination bedroom, livingroom.

Next came the hike down into a canyon to the Rialto Group of mines, arriving at the cabin at 1:00 and ate our lunches. There is a spring near the back door that runs very cold any time of the year. The rhododendrons and other flowers were in full bloom along the trails to the Great Northern and Rialto Claims. After walking back up the hill to the road, four of our group decided to leave for home, but Fred and I decided to drive the short distance to Crystal peak, where there is an old crystal mine, and there overlooked the canyons where the Lucky Boy and Treasure mines are located. We then left for home, arriving around 5:00.

Explorers were: Cheryl Braunberger, Fred Felter, Marshall Kandell„ Bill & Helen Rockett, and Curtis Irish (leader).

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