Iron Mountain/Cone Peak Loop

June 30, 2002

The weather was overcast and there were still patches of snow on the trail, but the wildflowers were as beautiful as ever. We saw cat’s ears, larkspur, wallflower, skyrocket, columbine, bluebells, Indian paintbrush, glacier lily, bleeding heart, rock penstemon and much more. After lunch at the lookout (unmanned) on Iron Mountain, we continued the loop over to the flank of Cone Peak then back down the mountain to the cars at Tombstone Summit. We all enjoyed this wonderful hike. Hikers were: Ann-Marie Askew, Jennifer Baer, Anne Bonine, Kieth Christensen, Liz DeShetler, Phylis Fisher, Morgan Koudelka, Sandra Larsen, Helen Liguori, Gay Samols, Barry Taub, Joanne Whitfield, and Bob Huntley (leader).

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