Larison Rock

June 23, 2002

When two trips were canceled, I decided to substitute Larison Rock. We parked at Greenwater Park in Oakridge, crossed the footbridge, and walked a short distance to the official trailhead. From there, it was a steady up of 2350 feet through the trees to Larison Rock overlooking the upper Willamette foothills. About a half mile from the top, we walked through a forest of rhodies in full bloom. The rock was a pleasant place to eat our lunch and enjoy the sunshine. On the way down, Sabine Dutoit pointed out 43 different wildflowers. Hawkweed, boykinia, goldthread, woodland phlox, sweet ciciley, iris, tiger lily, whipplevine, trailing blackberry, oxeye daisy, self heal, madia (tarweed), clover (2 varieties), merten’s coralroot, spotted coralroot, twayblade, phantom orchid, fairy bells, sedum, twinflower, large pyrola, whiteveined pyrola, starflower, false soloman’s seal, salal, thimbleberry, vanilla leaf, inside out flower, rhodie, cat’s ear, coolwort, lupine, purple vetch, cream vetch, beargrass, bedstraw, Oregon bedstraw, rose, campion (silene), windflower, candyflower, yellow seep violet, fringed pinesap. There was plenty of time to stop at the Dairy Queen. Hikers were: Ann-Marie Askew, Sabine Dutoit, Fred Felter, Dana Furgerson, Bob Huntley, John Jacobsen, Aaron Lowenkron and Janet Jacobsen (leader).

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