Phantom Bridge

June 22, 2002

You’ve gotta love those Obsidians! After a long drive sometimes around boulders in the middle of a one lane dirt road, eight enthusiastic hikers began the hike to Phantom Bridge. The trail was covered most of the way by downed trees and debris as we went over, under and around — full body exercise. By 4320 ft. we encountered snow but kept on going. The avalanche lilies were in bloom. At the descent to Cedar Lake the trail became completely covered in snow as far as the eye could see and the trip leader made the decision to turn back. We had hiked approximately 1.5 miles. Despite this disappointment everyone was in good spirits as we hiked back out and drove another 100+ miles home. It was a very long ride for a very short hike and as trip leader I would not recommend this hike. It was listed as “exploratory” and one feisty hiker labeled it as “memorable.” Thanks to all participants, including two non-members, who seemed to take this all in stride. Max Brown pointed out a rubber boa and we enjoyed watching it. Participants were Max Brown, Yuan Hopkins, Bob Huntley, Ray Jensen (who had a flat tire on the way back), Mark Monroe, Barbara Sutherland, Rod Wood and the humble trip leader, Marilyn Kerins.

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