Mt. June

June 20, 2002

This is a report on the trip sponsored by the Obsidians, Inc., on Thursday, June 20, along the Lost Creek trail to the top of Mt. June (4618').

There were 22 names on the trip sheet, but two cancelled and four failed to show up so we were 15 leaving Eugene at 9 o’clock in four cars. At the Texaco station in Pleasant Hill we picked up number 16, Karen Rich, who had come in from Creswell. I had given maps and how-to-get-there descriptions to the drivers but they really didn’t need them as we convoyed to the trailhead without losing anybody on the way (as has happened in the past).

The trailhead is no longer marked, neither is the parking. Therefore no one should feel obliged to have a Northwest Forest Pass when parking there (or anywhere, if you feel the federal government could afford to finance the forest service adequately were it not squandering last year’s surplus tax dollars).

It’s amazing how long the trail seems, both climbing AND DESCENDING: it took us a full hour hiking down to the trailhead from the intersection of Lost Creek trail and Sawtooth Ridge trail, a distance of 1.9 miles, according to Sullivan. Going up it took us longer, of course, stopping at Lost Creek and at the intersection of the two trails. We had one more stop, basically to catch our breath, at a small alpine meadow about 3/5 up the summit trail. By that time Dan Albrich had taken, and was continuing to take, lots of pictures (including movies) with his new digital camera, all of which you can download from his website and view in radiant color:
(Thanks, Dan!)

We met one young couple at that alpine meadow on their way down, and found another young couple (from Oklahoma) still on the summit. I apologized for us 16 people staggering into their idyllic “Zweisamkeit” but they were cool. They had never heard of the Obsidians, or of obsidian, for that matter. They thought the Obsidians spoke an interesting mix of languages: Finnish (Hanna-Marika Mitrunen and Johanna Jokela), German (Sig Otto, Kathrin Klotz and me), and Southern (Rod and Annie Luttrell, a Southern Belle, both recent young “emigrants” from Georgia [US, that is].

The sky was a bit hazy but I was still able to point out 9 of the 10 Oregon peaks that one must climb to get an Obsidian Ten Peak Award. Mt. Hood could be made out only in one’s imagination.

Back at the intersection of the Sawtooth Ridge and Lost Creek trails nobody insisted that I lead the optional half-mile side trip to Sawtooth Rock meadow, adding another mile to the total.

It’s amazing how long the trail seemed DESCENDING: it took us a full hour hiking down to the cars, where we arrived at 4 PM. I handed out my last two applications for membership, one to the Luttrells, the other to Marilyn Linton. Since most wanted to be back in town by the stated return time, 5 PM, I ended the official Obsidian hike there (I made sure all the cars started o.k.). My car, however, stopped at the Pleasant Hill Dairy Queen where – feeling in excellent mood – I treated the two she-Finns to Mudslingers, and Dan and myself to icecream cones.

Hikers were: Dan Albrich, Dan Christensen, Maggie Gontrum, Ellen Johnson, Johanna Jokela, Kathrin Klotz, Marilyn Linton, Annie Luttrell, Rod Luttrell, Renate Mackenzie, Wilson Mackenzie, Hanna-Marika Mitrunen, Annie Monroe, Sig Otto, Karen Rich and Helmut Plant, leader.

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