Tire Mountain

June 16, 2002

Fourteen of us left on June 16 from South Eugene High School bound for Tire Mountain, looking forward to a wildflower show. There were high clouds keeping the temperatures cool but impeding views of the Cascade peaks until past noon. The trail contours through openings in the forest, so various wildflowers find the exposures and microclimates which support a profusion of plant life. Among others we saw irises, columbines, flax, camas, larkspur, indian paintbrush, wood violets, oregon grape, vine maple blossoms, purple vetch, foxglove, bleeding heart, calypso orchids, coral root, sedum, yarrow, marigolds, arrowleaf balsamroot, buttercups, rhododendron, wild carrots, wild onions, vanilla leaf, shasta daisy, windflowers, cats ears, solomon seal, and false solomon’s seal and many others. Hikers were Helen Martz, Jane Bartell, Ann-Marie Askew, Lynn Yu, Peter Graham, Max Brown, Bob Voas, David Coombs, Anne McLucas, Anne Bonine, Juliana Coons, Kyle Edmonds, Fred Felter, and Alan Coons (leader).

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