Sweet Creek

June 11, 2002

Six hikers turned off Hwy. 126 on Sweet Creek Roa1 and after 11 miles met at the first Sweet Creek trailhead. Thanks to Shirley C. for driving. We had a warm day and bright blue sky for our leisurely hike. There was much stopping and looking at the cascades and falls and at the flowers and ferns. Noon found us back at the beginning of the trail where we had lunch on the rocks. We drove on and followed a gravel road to the spot where Sweet Creek and Beaver falls meet and drop into a pool. Back to the second segment of the Sweet Creek Trail. This led to the base of Sweet Creek and beaver Falls so we were on a level with the pool. This trail is becoming overgrown and needs to have low growth cut back. By this time we were ready to head for Alpha Bits in Mapleton for a tasty treat before the drive home. Our congenial group included Ann-Marie Askew, Shirley Cameron, Shirley Froyd, Margaret Wiese, Patty Kincaid (just one more trip and she can apply for membership) and Catherine Jones, leader.

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