Tire Mountain (exploratory)

June 8, 2002

Mother Nature treated twenty appreciative hikers to a kaleidoscopic weather show of sunshine, sleet, snow, rain, sunshine, etc. over again and again. The stage setting for this wonderful show was gorgeous — forest carpeted with lush green vegetation and woodland flowers followed by a steep meadow covered with wildflowers in multi colors. Then more forest, another flower covered meadow repeated three or four times. We had lunch at the top the old lookout site under a huge tree with spreading branches that easily accommodated all of us and kept us dry. I think that we all agreed that the bizarre weather added to this 7.6 mi trip which is definitely worth repeating next year. Thanks to Max for being point man, Curtis for his historic pictures, to the drivers whose cars got soooo dusty on the gravel road and to the great group — John Agnew, Max Brown, Neil Carpenter, Dan Christensen, Charles Cross, Laurie Funkhauser, Steve Gains, Yuan Hopkins, Corrine Hunt, Curtis Irish, Marilyn Kerins, Ken Kodama, Patty MacAfee, Sharon Ritchie, Barbara Schomaker, Michelle Tambellini, Marilyn Waff, Sheila Ward, Joanne Whitfield and Effie Neth, leader.

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