Baker Beach

June 5, 2002

The skies were overcast and light rain was falling as we left Eugene and although this was the weather pattern all day our spirits were never dampened. We were a cheerful group as we walked south on Baker Beach, enjoying the surf and each other. The sight of an osprey and the continual presence of a great blue heron were added bonuses. Even though we had scouted the trail a month previously we experienced some surprises when we arrived at Sutton Creek! The roped area protecting the snowy plover had been extended closer to the creek and even included the large logs on which we thought we might eat lunch! Initially we weren’t even sure we could make our way inland along the river but we found there was just enough space for walking and it widened out as we progressed. On this portion of the trail we found Mother Nature had made some changes too, shifting sand and slightly altering the meandering creek but as we made our way up and down the dry and grassy dunes we readily picked up the trail again. A little scouting was necessary to find the way over the dunes back to the beach, there is only one opening along the protected area and landmarks are not obvious in the shifting dunes. We enjoyed the pleasant hike back along the beach and seeing the heron again, still standing in the ocean. Leaving small deposits of sand in the parking lot we repaired to Alphabits for ice cream, soup etc. and then home. This congenial group consisted of members Elliot Aronin, Max Brown, Wendy Clarke, Nola Shurtleff, Clare Tucker and non-members Phyllis Fisher, Patty Kincaid, and Anita Russell along with leaders Sandra Larsen and Margaret Prentice.

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