Around Mt. Pisgah

June 2, 2002

We gathered in the parking lot at Mt. Pisgah on a beautiful Spring day. On the way to the north trailhead we heard a rather rare Neotropical migrant, the Yellow-breasted Chat. Further along, we all got a good look at the ubiquitous and striking Lazuli Bunting. Many more birds were heard than seen. With a group effort most of the other flora and fauna could be named and catalogued, thanks to Carolus Linnaeus and Julius Caesar. The entire circuit around Pisgah is roughly seven miles and at a leisurely pace takes about five hours. It was still muddy in spots with poison oak. Enjoying the day were: John Agnew, Shirley Froyd, Jan Moore, Nora Nicolaidis, Jamie Ziebert, and Rich Ahrens (leader).

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