Saddleblanket - Alpine

June 1, 2002

Once more we were able to climb the Saddleblanket tower and see Gods working hand, although it was a bit cloudy. It’s June 1, National Trail Day, a beautiful day for a hike. Heading for Oakridge, we decided to stop off at the new national Forest Office, and of course see if we could get free information on trails, well we (I wanted to see the new building where my Scout Master works) all wanted to see this beautiful place, also thank the ladies for information received from them when I called to see if the Alpine was open yet. By 10:00, we were at the trail head (we had to make our way up the mountain passing many mountain bikers) here we began to pass over snow. It was to be under our feet all the way up and over Sour Grass to the 142 road where we began to hike up Saddleblanket and to the tower. After lunch and looking at the view, we began to descend to 142 again and the decision was made to take 142 down to 140 around to the trail head. This was a good move, even with a foot of snow on all the north slopes, we where back at the car by 4:30. Hikers were: Max Brown, Sabine Dutoit, Effie Neth, and Rebecca Hansen (leader).

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