Tahkenitch Dunes Loop

June 1, 2002

Although the day was mostly cloudy, it was excellent for hiking. It was good to find that indeed the trail was open after being closed due to windstorm damage. Surprises included the change, by about a half mile further south, of the meeting of Tahkenitch Creek with the ocean. There had been a lot erosion over the winter to the fore dunes near the creek. Even the lack of driftwood was unexpected. Because it was a little too windy to enjoy our lunch on the beach, we hiked up to overlook Threemile Lake and took our break there. On the return up through the woods we witnessed what a tremendous amount of damage the February storm had done. Massive trees were downed like match sticks. In places the trail had been rebuilt because tree roots had ripped away the slopes. Despite these changes it was a good hike. As usual, a stop was made at Alphabit’s for pie and coffee before returning to Eugene. Hikers included members: Wendy Clarke, Arlene Deyo, Peter Rodda, Barbara Schomaker, Michelle Tambellini, Mel Zavodsky and non-member: Vincenza Scarpaci. Leader: Sheila Ward.

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