Deception Butte

May 25, 2002

After a 2600 foot ascent to the top of Deception Butte, we were rewarded with our choice of soft, lichen-covered rocky benches from which to enjoy the spectacular view. To the south, a flock of fluffy clouds scratched their bellies on the snowy spires of Diamond Peak. Far below in the misty distance to the east, we could see tiny cars traveling along the streets of Oakridge. All was quiet, save for the occasional fly-by of an insect or the screaming crimson of the Indian Paintbrush scattered about us.

Shortly after applying some sun screen, we looked on as a raven left the tree tops across the canyon in front of us. We watched in awe as it circled to a height hundreds of feet above us without flapping its wings once.

As it turned out, Jennifer Baer is an excellent birder and was able to identify many of the forest flappers not only by sight, but also by their song.

The other member of our trio, Charles Cross, the sensi of a local martial arts school, recounted many of his multi-day backpack trips. Charles, while not yet a member, will make a great addition to the Obsidian family.

Deception Butte is a somewhat demanding physical workout. The resultant quiet, entertaining vistas and pleasant company more than made up for the hard work it took to get there.

— Robert Mason

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