Alsea & Green Peak Falls

May 25, 2002

Eighteen hikers enjoyed a pleasant walk on a well-developed trail along the south fork of the Alsea River. This trail is reached by going to Alpine and following the signs. A high tree canopy and a carpet of moss ferns and wildflowers with a chorus from different birds made for a leisurely time. Our youngest participant was four years old and was a real trooper.

Bill Sullivan describes this falls trail combination as around five miles but we walked for about 3.5 miles. We did not scramble over the river but returned on the same trail. Hiking were Ann-Marie Askew, Lois Bjerke, Max Brown, Wendy Clarke, Shirley Froyd, Yuan Hopkins, Patty MacAfee, B. Manheim, Mavis Mate, Effie Neth, Barbara Schomaker, Velma Shirk, Michelle Tambellini, Austin Turvey, Deborah Turvey, Judith Thompson, Sheila Ward, and Sylvia Harvey, leader.

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