Coburg Hills - Baldy

May 19, 2002

I decided to double the size of the group this year to 24, due to the excellent response I had last year. Most of the group got together at the parking lot and headed out Coburg Road to the gravel parking lot just beyond Spores Bridge over the McKenzie River. There we met a few others who were going on the hike. Asking everybody to wait 5 minutes before they followed me, I drove on to the “Pasture Gate”. I opened the gate and drove up to the parking area soon followed by many cars full of eager hikers. After introductions, pep talk, warning, unwanted advice, we headed down to McKenzie View Road and walked eastward to the “Trail Gate”. Over the gate, and here is where the leader lost all control of the party. The ladies in the group decided that a “Ladies Off Anywhere” was the first thing to do, and so they did. I finally got the men ahead and around the corner. When we did all rejoin, we headed up the cow trail past the marsh. Then on the “Kirk Memorial Trail” heading up the steep slope to the “Cave”. With 24 hikers it was an awesome sight of 48 legs zigzaging up the trail. Explored the “Cave” (There was a picture of it in the RG historical picture segment last year) Then continued along the trail while I pointed out the many rock climbing routes on the steep vertical rock cliffs. Then we reached the top of the ridge where we walked over to the open area to view the Springfield/Eugene area below. Then upward and onward to the summit of “Baldy”. This year the weather was perfect with no rain and clear views in all directions. Enjoyed a long lunch period and old friends and new friends. After lunch we headed downward by a different route mostly cross country. Passed the “Whale” which was used by the Obsidian climbing schools for years to teach basic climbing. All too soon we were at the cars and heading back to reality - Darn.

Those on the trip : John Agnew, Ann-Marie Askew, Max Brown, Chris Claepfil, Don Colgan, Daniele Delaby, Bob Foster, Yuan Hopkins, Jan Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Marshall Kandell, Don Kernutt, Jodyu Kernutt, Richard Lemon, Helen Liquori, Effie Neth, Sharon Ritchie, Richard Rofsky, Barbara Schomaker, Carol Stern, Michelle Tambellini, Marilyn Waff, Sheila Ward, and leader, Gary Kirk.

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