May 18, 2002

We left Eugene under grey skies and had cloud cover all day. Our first regular stop was at Westfir near the covered bridge to nowhere. We looked at old pictures of the Western Timber Company mill at Westfir Ca. 1924 and later pictures showing the Edward Hines Lbr Co.

We then drove 17 miles to Crack-In-The-Ground trailhead, Passing old camp 5 on the way. The trail is out through timber slashing, over limbs and logs and around stumps, until the rim trail is reached. We followed the rim trail, stopping to carefully look over the edge at various view points, hanging on to trees for safety.

It was decided to go to the bottom of the Crack, and after a time of going over rough ground, over and under logs, across rocks as big as cars we arrived at the bottom, and explored it for some distance; and numerous pictures were taken, but even without the pictures, I think our group will always remember mysterious Crack-In-The-Ground. Explorers were — Jerry Brindle, Glenn Hoering, Yuan Hopkins, Bob Huntley, Barbara Schomaker, and Curtis Irish (leader).

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