Mt. Adams - Crawfish Trail

May 11, 2002

Well, I have hiked this trail earlier in the year before and had snow on it but still was able to get to the end, but not this time. We had just a beautiful day for a hike, one and a quarter hour drive, and we are at Crawfish Trail head, itching to go. This is a moderate to difficult trail and is a bit disappointing when one gets to within a quarter of a mile to the top and has to turn around because of too much snow. We did try to go around the mountain to another entrance, but again the sign said one eighth mile to Knott Trail and it is now 2:00 and too much snow, so we decided to turn around and head down the mountain. We will try again some other day, maybe in the fall. Hikers were: Max Brown, Margie Cooney, Steve Helwig, Effie Neth, Ebony Lamar, and Rebecca Hansen (leader).

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