Eugene Bicycle Paths to Armitage Park

May 11, 2002

On a sunny Saturday in May, the group began riding from the DeFazio Bicycle Bridge in Alton Baker Park at 10:00 A.M. The Willamette River Bicycle path was followed to Green Acres, then on Delta highway north to Ayers Road, continuing on through neighborhood roads and finally reaching Coburg road for the last ¼ mile before entering Armitage Park. We enjoyed a Picnic in the Park near the McKenzie River. Continuing through the park and onto quiet Armitage road we crossed Game Farm and onto Crescent. Traffic increased on this section, but there is a wide bicycle lane which led us back to the end of the bicycle path and eventually Alton Baker Park by 12:45 P.M. Companionable riders and blue skies contributed to a pleasant 18 miles. Riders included members Gayle Berge, Bob Devine, Ken Kodama, Lois Morse, Jan Jacobsen, leader Norma Lockyear and non-member Alice Pueschner.

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