Yachats to Waldport

May 1, 2002

What can I say except incredible good luck, a little planning with the tide-table and willing drivers in Eugene. This was an outstanding Mayday celebration for all of us. The wide open expanse of the clean Oregon shore with sun, a gentle breeze from the west and the ocean in all its magnificent glory. We ended the stroll reluctantly, but gathered for a spot of tea and sharing at my home and that felt good. I only wish all could have stretched out with me on the deck and quietly marveled at the brilliant night sky! We are a very blessed people and country. Beach strollers were Sandra Larsen, Yuan Hopkins, Helen Liguori, Sheila Ward, Sharon & Jim Duncan, Max Brown, David Becker, Sig Otto, Wendy Clarke, Sharon Thomas, Janet Jacobsen, Danielle Delaby, and Birgitte Williams (sort of leader.)

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