Kentucky Falls & Sweet Creek Falls

April 27, 2002

John and I led a trip to Kentucky Falls and Sweet Creek Falls to substitute for a canceled trip to Marys Peak. The weather report indicated rain for the day of our trip but luckily, it held off to the end of the hike. We identified fairy bells, trilliums, oxalis, and bleeding hearts. It was a long drive from Kentucky Falls to Sweet Creek Falls on one lane roads. We all felt it was worth the drive to see such beautiful waterfalls in different terrains. We reached the Homestead Trailhead at 2:00 with plenty of time to stop in Mapleton at Alpha Bits for a bite to eat. We were pleased to have two new members, Ann and Leila, on our trip. Non-member, Ron Lisi, had plenty of time to make it back to Eugene to sing in Eugene Concert Choir for the Berlioz Requiem that evening. Hiking were Ann-Marie Askew, Barbara Bruns, Ron Lisi, Leila Snow, Sharon Thomas, and Janet & John Jacobsen, leaders.

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