Brice Creek

April 7, 2002

Mother Nature offered up another great day on the Brice Creek Trail. There just is almost never a bad day on this particularly lovely trail. Skies were overcast to somewhat sunny, the “creek” and waterfalls ran full, the wildflowers were beautiful, the old growth and nurse logs and shades of green to numerous to count combined to make a perfect day.

We started out at the west end, hiked until lunch, and then continued on to the lower falls. After a brief picture-taking stop there, we headed ½ mile back down the main trail, picked up the loop trail which goes up to the upper falls, down the east side and out to the road. If you plan to do the waterfall loop and if you are either short or have short legs, suggest you take someone along with you who can help you get over a very large log perched across the trail on a very steep section. George Baitinger was able to step over it, some of our smaller ladies needed an assist. Thanks to Max for providing the helping hand! Of those that had been on this trip in the past, all agreed that starting out at the east end and doing the elevation gain right away is easier than hiking the lower part of the trail and then getting the elevation gain. Next year we go in from the east! Many thanks to Max for taking “point”, Sharon Thomas for taking “center” and Clare for helping me with the sweep position. Thanks to drivers Bob, Tina and especially Daniele for her help in shuttling the cars.

Those sharing a great day with me were non-members Renn Pupke and Chris Christensen and members: George Baitinger, Max Brown, Daniele Delaby, Bob Huntley, Yuan Hopkins, Ellen Johnson, Sandra Larsen, Helen Liguori, Ellie Maliner, Anne Dhu McLucas, Sig Otto, Margaret Prentice, Tina Rain, Sharon Thomas, and Clare Tucker. Sharon Ritchie, leader.

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