Trip Leaders Meeting

April 4, 2002

The parking lot was full and the lodge was transformed into a beehive of activity and talking. Around 75 people came for the Open House and sixty stayed for the First Aid Tips and Tips for Leaders. It was amazing how we were able to quickly transition from one event to the other.

A special thanks to the people who hosted the tables:

  • Bill Sullivan; The author of the books that helps us explore the out-of-doors.
  • Richard Schrunk, Red Cross First Aid. Also Peggy Mathes, members
  • Robert Woodsen, REI Event Specialist
  • George Baitinger: What goes in the Pack?
  • John Jacobsen, GPS
  • Wayne Deeter, Web site information
  • Chuck Reul: Latest Clothing
  • Norma Lockyear: T Shirts and Whistles

Thanks to the businesses and members who contributed door prizes.

  • Albertsons at 30th: Trail Mix, Power Bar, Goldfish
  • GI Joes: First Aid Kit
  • Hirons at 18th: Insect Repellent
  • International Deli at Southetown: Gouda Biscuits
  • McKenzie Outfitters: Fanny Pack
  • Oasis on Willamette: Odwalla Bars
  • Rite Aide: Survival Kit, Sports Tape, WaterProof matches, Mosquito net, Blister Block, Folding scissors, Mini-fan, Tissue
  • REI: Water bottles
  • Safeway at 40th: : 2 Packages of Dried Fruit
  • Dorothy Turner: Dried Apricots and two sports watches
  • Janet Jacobsen: Scone Mix from Springfield, Oregon
  • Obsidian Concessions: Whistles


  • Forest Service:
  • City of Eugene: bicycle map

Thanks to the Obsidian Board members for their support The Trips Committee did a great job taking care of calling, refreshments, door prizes, registration, and set up. What a way to celebrate our 75th anniversary.

Lucile Adamson
Rick Ahrens
Dan Bates
Wayne Deeter
Jim & Sharon Duncan
Peter Graham
Jane Hackett
Janet Hall
Mary Ann Holser
Bob Huntley
Sandra Larsen
Ed Lichtenstein
Patty McAfee
Effie Neth
Jim Pierce
Margaret Prentice
Sharon Ritchie
Ruth Romoser
Velma Shirk
Barbara Schomaker
Michelle Tambellini
Max Vollmer
Janet Jacobsen

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