Alton Baker Park, Pre’s Trail

March 9, 2002

Of the two hikers signed up, only one showed up. It was a typical Oregon late winter-early spring day. Grey, overcast and hazy. After waiting for the second hiker to turn up, we started from Alton Baker duck pond at 9:15 AM. We took Pre’s trail, hiking by the canal. It was peaceful quiet, the trail soft under our feet, and the canal flowing in tranquility. We passed a pond and went through tree tunnels and under an old foot bridge. The trail dead-ended in Springfield. We returned to our starting point by taking the bike path by the river. After lunch we decided to do a second segment and hiked the Valley River bike path loop, and got back to our starting point around 2:30. The sun did not cooperate and stayed behind the clouds, but we had a great hike and returned to our homes before the rain!! Hikers were Carol Brockman and Bonnie Manheim - leader.

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