Hand Lake Trail

August 10, 2002

We parked our cars at the Hand Lake trailhead near McKenzie Pass. it was a hot, sunny day. Eight of us carried our loppers and saws and hiked up the trail past Hand Lake and north to the Hand Lake Cutoff Trail where many fallen trees blocked the path. We assisted two young Forest Service employees clearing the trail with a crosscut saw. They seemed to very much appreciate the help we gave them.

During lunch we saluted Elliot Aronin who was that day celebrating his 75th birthday. Elliot works with vigor and enthusiasm. I would very much like to thank all of these individuals who showed up for work in spite of the heat. On our return I alone jumped into Hand Lake to cool off. Participants were Elliot Aronin, Mary Bridgeman, Jerry Brindle, Max Brown, Joanne Ledet, Patty MacAfee, Christine Watts and leader Dave Predeek.

[Ed. note: one of the Forest Service employees was Obsidian Eric Bonnet]

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