75th Anniversary Banquet

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Reported by Pat Dark, Gayle Berge, Janet Jacobsen & Others

If you didn’t attend the 75th Anniversary Banquet — and 110 members and friends did — here are some of the things you missed

The Country Inn on Coburg Road was a beautiful place to celebrate. Gayle Berge and Pat Dark decorated the tables with black cans overflowing with colorful flowers. The programs were rolled into scrolls and tied with raffia and a pine cone.

President Rick said: “You guys clean up real well”. We smelled good and we looked good. We reunited with friends from potlucks, committees, hikes, climbs, bus trips and Summer Camps.

Dinner was Thai food served buffet style. Many interesting conversations took place as people waited in line for salad, fruit, rice and entrees. The dessert was a moist carrot cake with apricot filling decorated with white frosting and our very own Obsidian arrowhead outlined in black. Below were two dates: Our inaugural year and the present one.

We wish we had room to name all those who attended. We appreciate the people who came from Washington, Portland, and other far-way places such as Eastern Oregon.

The room seemed to be filled with Obsidian Presidents, and five were counted at one table! Present were Ray Cavagnaro (1949–1950), Bob Dark (63–64), Gary Kirk (67–68, 68–69), Wes Prouty (72–73), Don Payne (74–75), Ewart Baldwin (76–77), Glenn Meares (78–79), Dick Moffitt (79–80), Gene Thaxton (81–82), Joe Lowry (82–83), Dallas Cole (85–86), Vi Johnson (86–87), John Jacobsen (87–88, 00–01), Rick Ahrens (89–90, 01–02), Jane Hackett (90–91), Sharon Ritchie (91–92), Janet Jacobsen (92–93), Sylvia Harvey (95–96), Ben Jeffries (96–97) and Ed Lichtenstein (98–99, 99–00).

Rick, with Don Hunter’s technical assistance and some of his equipment, presented the 75-year history of the Obsidians in a slide show. His slides were “visually rich”, offering something for everyone. Rick brought the Obsidians to life with a seasoned humor. His slides of old photographs were just priceless. (Have we changed that much?)

Rick’s contribution to this Anniversary celebration was priceless. He spent countless hours sorting through materials and photographs at the Lodge and at the U. of O. Library; he worked with Don at his home, and called people to check on facts. How did he remember everything in his running commentary during the slide show?

Ann Lichtenstein chaired the event. She was the chair extraordinaire. At the end of the evening, people were helping Don and Rick carry all their equipment back to the car. Ann was really happy that things went so well.

The last to leave was Dallas Cole, while Jack waited patiently. They had to drive back to Portland.

Do we have to wait another 25 years to celebrate? Can we persuade Rick to show his slides again for those who weren’t able to make it to the 75th?

Banquet Insights

Selma Vangesness, our camp cook for many years, was delighted to see so many Summer Camp people. She spent a lot of time talking to regular campers like Wes Prouty.

James and brother Keith brought their mother, Frances Newsom, a long-time member. She was able to recognize many of the people in the slides. Keith&rsuqo;s wife, Dawn, who supervised the evening dishwashing at camp, was also there.

We were glad to see Bob, Dick and Rose Marie Moffitt, who helped organize the 50th Anniversary Banquet, along with Lenore and John McManigal.

Ethel Allen, our enthusiastic Bus Trip organizer, was all smiles sitting with her daughter.

Was Dick Moffitt trying to recruit Bob Dark to crew his sail boat in the South Seas?

It was good to see former President Don Payne, who rejoined us last year.

New members Beth & Ken Kodama and Sharon & Jim Duncan had a good time hearing all the stories. Denny & Jeanne Schmidt, who just completed their three qualifying hikes for Active membership, were much impressed with our friendliness and history.

There just wasn’t enough time to talk with everyone. The mix of new and old time members was fun for everyone. Chapin Clark shared some stories about climbing and the 1966 Summer Camp.

We found out that Dorothy Scherer and Ray Cavagnaro had also attended the 30th and 50th Anniversary Banquets.

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