Camp McManigal Rally

April 26, 2002

The parking lot was full! Every seat was taken! The Lodge was abuzz with people picking up camp packets, looking at maps, and buying new Obsidian caps and t-shirts.

John Jacobsen, Summer Camp Chair, presented necessary details. He encouraged everyone to read the McManigal Camp Manual. Jan Jacobsen gave a brief historic overview of places to visit and Sharon Ritchie demonstrated what one should take to camp. Rick Ahren’s slides were a hit with scenic shots, bumper stickers, and other humorous slides. It was one laugh after another!

There were lots of questions! When John asked everyone to raise their hand if they were going to summer camp, it seemed like everyone in the room was going to attend. As one person said, “I wish camp was next week; I’m ready to go!”.

The Camp McManigal Booklet is now on our website []. There is other information about summer camp, such as places to stay on the way to camp and recommended reading material.

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