Summer Camp Trips

We couldn’t have summer camp without hikes. That means we need leaders. There were 44 leaders listed on the sign up sheets. There were around 280 campers signed up for trips. The trips included Osborne Mountain, Half Moon/Fayette Lakes, New Fork Lake, Blueberry Lake, Green Lakes Loop, Twin Lakes, New Fork Park, White Rock, Rainbow Lake, New Fork Look Out, Glimpse Lake, Kinky Creek, Jackass Pass/Cirque of Towers, Toboggan & Little Divide Lake, and Photographer’s Point.

Thanks to Effie Neth, Rick Ahrens, Allan Coons, Dana Furgerson, Steve Johnson, and John Jacobsen who led three or more trips. Other leaders were Kevin McManigal, Bill & Lois Morse, Joe Neal, Royal Murdock, Chris Shuraleff, Bill Strek, Ivan Vandeberg, Pat Adams, Buzz Blumm, Barbara Bruns, Bob Burnett, Jackie Cornell, Peter Graham, Chris Grandy Jane Hackett, Jan Jacobsen, Mackenzie Kerins, Marilyn Kerins, Ed Lichtenstein, Norma Lockyear, Sharon Ritchie.

The Forest Service provided us with a permit book and a hiking quota for each trailhead and hiking destination. Sharon Ritchie did a great job of organizing and keeping track of hiking permits. Bravo! Now, Lenore McManigal just has to record all of the names from the sign up sheets.

Campers organized kayaking trips, canoe trips, horseback riding trips, and sightseeing trips to the Tetons and Yellowstone. Pinedale offered opportunities such as the Shakespeare on the Library Lawn, the Mountain Man Museum, and an elegant swimming pool. It cost only $1.00 to swim and shower! What a treat.

Janet Jacobsen

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