Camp McManigal Trip Log

Friday, July 12: People met at lodge to pack the kitchen trailer.

Camp Set Up Committee met at lodge for pizza and to cover last minute preparations. We were pleased that Bob and Pat Dark joined us. Bob has been so helpful with all of the equipment preparation.

Tuesday, July 16: Bob Dark and John Jacobsen hauled the loaded trailer to Wes Prouty’s home in Durkee in eastern Oregon.

Friday, July 19: People at various times worked to get everything ready to pack the truck on Monday. Lenore and I worked on how we would feed the set up crew at camp with limited water and other amenities.

Monday, July 22, 9:00 A.M.: Lots of volunteers showed up at the lodge to pack the rental truck.

Tuesday, July 23: Rick Ahrens, Donald & Leif Burton, Janet & John Jacobsen, Pat Adams, Ethel Weltman, Chris Minarich, and Bob Huntley departed from Albertson’s parking lot in East Springfield at 5:30 A.M. The CB radios were working on channel 4. Bob reported that it was great driving the rental truck without the trailer. By 1:00, we were in Vale for lunch. We were making such good time that we canceled our reservations at Mt. Home and headed on for Burley. Thanks to cell phones we were able to inform John Agnew and Nora Nicolaidis so that they could join us for dinner at a Mexican restaurant near the motel. It was such a relief to be one day on the road to camp.

Wednesday, July 24: At Durkee, Wes Prouty was up early to haul the trailer to camp. Coincidentally, Wayne Deeter recognized the trailer at the restaurant parking lot in Mt. Home and introduced himself to Wes. They had breakfast together and headed out for camp. Meanwhile, the Berley convoy left at 8:00 arriving at camp around 3:30. John and Lenore McManigal, Effie Neth, Ivan Vandeberg, Gloria Gunderson, Wayne, Lana Lindstrom and Richard Hughes were waiting for us. Tents and trailers went up. Lenore served a Tex-Mex hot dish and cake for dessert.

Thursday July 25: Everyone was up early! Janet and Lenore served the cold cereal breakfast with fresh blueberries. John directed the unloading of the trailer and truck while Wes supervised the difficult “sliding” of the kitchen from the trailer. Rick’s crew put up the canopies for the tables, lunch table, and dishwashing tables. Ivan and Richard assembled the showers. The kitchen tent, the supply tent, bulletin boards went up. This was the first time most of us had set up camp in the rain.

A Forest Service rep informed us that we couldn’t get water at the Narrows Campground. He suggested we try the Boy Scout camp, a mile away. The Boy Scouts were more than willing to let us fill the 400 gallon water bladder each day. Wes and Kevin McManigal would switch off with that duty for the rest of camp. It stopped raining by 1:00 and tents were dry by 5:00.

By dinner time, the site looked like an Obsidian Camp. Janet, Lenore, and Gloria served burritos for dinner—Beans again! For dessert, we had angel food cake with Gloria’s ice cream and Ivan’s homemade raspberry syrup. For those that stayed up until 12:30, there was a spectacular lightning & thunderstorm.

Friday, July 26: Fawlers Grocery Store delivered the food and the bear proof dumpster arrived. We clapped when the toilets arrived late. We invited the drivers for lunch. They had never heard of tofu pate. John drove into town to meet with the Forest Service to sign the special use permits and make arrangements for the hiking permits. Some went on a late afternoon hike. Donald and Leif served their first dinner to the set up crew. Ivan had everything ready for the dishwashing. We were ready for camp!

Saturday, July 27, Day One: Some of the set up crew went hiking while others remained in camp to assist arrivals. At noon when people arrived, Ethel worked as the official greeter. By 4:00, the place was filled with tents and more “vehicular campers” than usual. There were 37 first timers. I helped serve the chicken parmesan dinner that evening. People were so impressed that Donald Burton, our cook, was able to accommodate 15 vegetarians and the children who wanted plain pasta. Donald’s son, Leif. was the assistant cook. His apple and pear crisp dessert was a big hit. Name tags were so helpful as people went through the line. Dawn Newsom took over as responsible person for evening dishwashing while Anne Lichtenstein and Anne Bonine started a crew on lunch prep. Everything was going smoothly.

It really started to rain after dinner so the campfire was held under the dining canopy. At times, the rain was so loud, we couldn’t hear the speaker. During introductions, I was surprised to learn that Glenn Gordon and daughter, Chris Grandy, and son, David attended summer camp 39 years ago. Camp details were addressed but there wasn’t time for trip reports. Late arrivals needed help with their tents. Dot Leland and Sam Tracer were the last to arrive. I worried that some campers would spend a wet night.

Sunday, July 28, Day Two: Ray Jensen was camp boss. That meant that he stayed in camp and carried the Bear Spray. It was a sunny day! Yea! No one complained about a flooded tent. Ed had the lunch table up and running by 6:30 a.m. Barbara Bruns (morning) and Richard Hughes (evening) were responsible for the hot water and coffee. They were always ready with a smile and pouring hot water. We have come a long way from “instant coffee.” Ellen and Steve Johnson had the morning dishwashing under control. Sharon Ritchie worked hard to organize a system for the Forest Service hiking permits. People signed up for Green River and New Fork hikes. For more information about trips and leaders, see article on Summer Camp Trips. Janet and Rick led 31 people on a two hour hike around camp, down to the creek, and the New Fork Lake. There was even a demonstration on how the showers worked. It was a good way to get acquainted with people and the wildlife.

In the afternoon, Madelinn Schriver helped Leif peel and slice cucumbers. Donald and Leif encouraged people in camp to assist with dinner preparations. That was just another way to bring people together.

Later in the afternoon, some people drove to Pinedale for a Shakespeare play on the library lawn. Two of us drove into town with Kieran Walsh. On the way back, he stopped the car so I could talk with a “Mountain Man.” We invited him to dinner.

The first annual social hour was held around 5:45. Donald served quesadillas and vegetables. Since our president, Rick, does not like cilantro, the cook had a huge plate of “Rick’s Cilantro” for those of us that think it is an absolute necessity on Mexican food. The Entertainment Committee (Marilyn Kerins, Ethel, Madelinn and Janet) encouraged people to play a state game to get acquainted. Competition was keen! For each state, the participant needed to find someone who had lived in the state for at least one month. Name tags and the copies of the camp roster aided the search.

It was vegetarian chili for dinner. At the campfire, campers reported their state totals. Marilyn Kerins won first prize with her granddaughter, Mackenize Kerins, winning first prize for children. Was there a conspiracy in the entertainment committee? Trip reports were the focus for the evening. Thanks to fire starter, Jim Whitfield, there was a campfire each evening.

The sump pit was not draining. John thought he would’ve to spend Monday digging.

Monday, July 29, Day Three: At 5:00 a.m., John, Wayne, Heiner Wagener, and Kieran started digging. We had a new sump pit before breakfast.

Wes Prouty was camp boss. Fifteen hikers headed for Photographer’s Point which turned out to be the # 1 hike for many people. The trip reports about the view were dramatic.

Chuck the Mountain Man came for dinner and agreed to be in the play. (See article about Chuck) Monday night was McManigal Night. There were ten McManigals at camp. John and Lenore who have contributed so much to our club and have never had a camp named after them. I distributed a list of Presidents and Summer Camp chairs dating from 1928. Many of the the people listed were in the play that I wrote about the 1966 Summer camp at the Wallowas which John chaired. The play will be published in the Bulletin and is already on the Website. Rick Ahrens played John McMangal and Ed Lichtenstein played Lloyd Plaisted while Chuck, the Mountain Man played the packer. Beth Kodoma made her acting debut as Selma, the cook. It was hard to believe that she was 92 years old. The actors truly captured the personalities of the Obsidian campers in 1966. Thanks to all of the many actors in the play. It was an evening full of laughter and it brought back many memories. The next day, someone said that they could tell that everything in the play was true except for the green meat. Sadly, I said that that part was also true.

Kevin made a late night run to fill the bladder with water.

Tuesday, July 30, Day Four: Camp Boss was Joe Lowry. People made plans for hiking and more hiking. Fishing, kayaking, canoeing and horseback riding trips were being planned. Kitson and Peter Graham discovered the wonderful swimming pool in Pinedale where one could not only swim but take showers for just $1.00.

When campers returned to take showers in Bea’s Baths, they found the water in their shower bags so hot that they had to drain water and add cold water. By the time they refilled their shower bags for the next day, the bladder was almost empty by dinner time.

Chuck, the Mountain Man, visited camp with some campers who brought their horse for the children to ride. Cameras and video cameras came out for this smiling event. It was pork roast for dinner. For entertainment, the children played twenty questions using Wyoming’s wildlife as their subjects. The audience asked the questions to correctly identify white-tailed deer, moose, pronghorn, eagle, and others. Then Chuck, “our” mountain man answered questions and told stories way after people’s bedtime. I was glad everyone made it back to the correct tent in the dark.

Wednesday, July 31, Day Five: At 5:00 a.m. John helped Wes hook up the trailer with water bladder to his rig so that he could head off to the Boy Scout Camp for water. What a racket. We could hear the rig banging and banging down the road! He was back in camp with 400 gallons of water by 7:00.

Camp Boss was John McManigal. After a cold breakfast with hot cereal, everyone headed out for a long day of fun. It was the cook’s day off. Many headed for a touristy day exploring the Tetons while others went hiking, canoeing, fishing, and horseback riding. Some did laundry.

John and I were able to spend the day hiking with our camp buddy, Colleen Milliman, to Photographer’s Point. Who thought of Camp Buddies? It must have been Sharon Ritchie. It is such a good way to connect people with people.

By later afternoon, many Obsidians hit the swimming pool to clean up for a night on the town. Around 22 people ate at the Lakeside Restaurant at Fremont Lake. The views were incredible and the sunset was magnificent. The Lakeside cook, Anna, told a few people heard about a hiking trail to a secret, sacred spot close to the Photographer’s Point trailhead. Kodamas checked it out on Friday and said it had great views. Unfortunately, it was too late for the rest of us to explore this spot.

Thursday, Aug 1, Day Six: Camp Bosses were Rick Ahrens and Effie Neth. Steve Johnson led a long hike to Jackass Pass to see the Cirque of Towers and walk on the Continental Divide. They arrived back in camp at 11:15 p.m. Buzz Blumm with his wife, Cecile led a group up to White Rock overlooking the Green Lakes and Square Top. They were back in time for dinner. Thanks to Madelinn, Mackenzie, and Genevieve for taking care of Andrew and Maddy. Obsidian Camp is a great place for families.

Dinner guests were Chuck, the Mountain Man, and Bob and Helen Flower, our hosts at the Narrows Campground. At the campfire, John presented Chuck with an Obsidian T Shirt and cap.

Before the President’s Tea, an historical musical play about the Mountain Man (Donald Burton) and Obsidian Woman (Marilyn Kerins) was presented. Chorus members were Glenn Gordon, Chris Grandy, David Gordon, BreeAnna Fallini, and Carol Scherer. The play will be published in the bulletin and is on the website. It was actually a spoof on our President, Rick Ahrens. He stood (hid) behind a tree when he realized he was the victim of the play.

Donald, our cook, presented him with an Hawaiian shirt and he was escorted to the throne made with the old Obsidian green boxes. He received a variety of gifts from campers who bowed and gave proper homage.

A first timer at camp, Kathy Zavela, organized the card and tip envelope for our cooks, Donald and Leif. Kathy really appreciated how much Donald and Leif accommodated individual needs, made everyone feel welcome and fit in so well with camp. I agree! They were so friendly and helped make our camp run so smoothly. Kathy was so impressed with our camp that she wants to write an article. She took lots of pictures which we hope to see.

Friday, Aug 2, Day 7: Camp Boss was John Jacobsen. By evening, there would only be around 60 left in camp. It was a quiet day filled with departures and hiking. This was the one last chance to hike to Photographer’s Point! It rained in the afternoon. Donald made a delicious split pea soup for us to enjoy under the canopies. He also served chips and salsa. What if the rain continued through Saturday? We worried about taking down in the rain. It would be a lot of work to dry out things in Eugene.

John and Bob Huntley visited the Boy Scout Camp to thank them and give them a donation for the water. They had a tour of the camp which included a new climbing wall. We certainly had good neighbors near our camp.

Dinner was salmon fettucine and peach cobbler. After dinner, we made lunches for Saturday. Dawn Newsom’s dishwashing crew had their hands full with all of the last dishes. By campfire, things were dry. Yea! We had the third annual Awards Night. See article. The last evening in camp is such a quiet, mellow time filled with friends and laughter. Those of us that hung in there to the last day enjoyed the quiet atmosphere.

Saturday, Aug 3, Day 8: It was up early to pack personal equipment and eat the cold breakfast. After breakfast, everyone went to work. Rick’s crew took down the tarps, Wes was in charge of “sliding” the Kitchen back on the trailer. It was tense but slowly the kitchen was wrenched up to the trailer. The kitchen trailer was loaded with a sigh of relief Effie and Lana did the last minute things with food while Ellen and Steve supervised the last dishwashing. Richard supervised the the shower take-down.

There were 50 people who stayed to help. It took everyone to work, visit, and watch. Wes would haul the trailer back to Durkee and will bring it back to Eugene in September. By 11:00 the truck was loaded. Good bye’s. We were envious of the people who were staying to backpack in the Wind Rivers or taking a more leisurely, touristy way home through South Pass, Tetons, or Yellowstone.

CB’s were on. John remembered that we would check the campfire one last time so we hauled extra water to douse the fire just in case. Next year, let’s remember to put the left over water from bladder on the campfire.

John, Leif, Pat, Ethel, Bob, Chris, and I headed off. with the truck. First stop was Swan Valley Sub Shop front porch where we had lunch. Some of us looked at our lunches and then ordered pizza, German hot dogs, and sandwiches from the sub shop.

A sensor light came on in the truck in Idaho Falls. It was the 2nd Annual Truck Trouble on the Way Home. We stopped at a hot place in front of Pest Control Building. Luckily, next door here was a motel with a green courtyard, old trees and lawn chairs where most of us could relax in the cool shade. Pat and John took a nap in their hot cars waiting for the repair person. I wanted to rent a motel room so we could use the bathroom and take a shower. Fortunately, the delay only took two hours! We made it to Mt. Home by 8:45 and were so glad to eat dinner at the restaurant next door.

Sunday, Aug. 4, Day 9: The breakfast buffet did some of us in. By 8:00 we were headed down the road to Oregon. We were happy to gain an hour. We made turkey sandwiches for lunch at the park in Hines near Burns. Last stop for gas was Harbeck’s. Around 5:30 Bob parked the truck at the lodge and we all headed for home with many dirty clothes.

Monday, Aug. 5, Day 10: At 9:00, a large crew gathered at the lodge to unpack the truck. John Agnew returned the truck to the rental agency. The dishes were washed and everything put away. By noon, the crew gathered at 19th St. Cafe for a last minute lunch and a relief that everyone was safe and the work was completed. John needed to pay bills and I needed to write a few articles for the bulletin.

How can we thank everyone for making the camp so organized, so uneventful and so much fun? The set up crew and the responsible people made sure the camp was a smooth operation from day one. John was even able to hike four days which he much appreciated.

The question is where do we go next year?

— Janet Jacobsen

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